June 22, 2005

Um, you could call me...

So yesterday son was scheduled for a 1:45 p.m. dentist appointment. I left work, picked him up and drove there.

Oddly, ALL the spaces at the dentist were open??

I go inside...door unlocked, but no one around? This is odd.

Finally, someone comes out, she tells me they are on vacation.

???? I had an appointment

She flips open the book and says, yes, we tried to call you, but no one answered.

BULLSHIT. We do not own a phone that doesn't have voicemail. I'm assuming they'd have called last week (since they've been on vacation all of this week). I never got a voice mail or missed call on my cell phone. I just re-checked my cell voice mail, nope nothing.

At home, we never had them show up on caller id or leave a message.

So, can you guess how my conversation with the office manager is going to go Monday? AND you don't just call once and give up if you get no answer...you try again brainiac. OR you have the office tool that was there today try again. Damn, do all these people not have brains? Unfortunately, I actually love our dentist and cleaning-teeth lady, but apparently the office people are total morons.

Thanks for wasting my time off work. I wouldn't have rather spent that with my son, playing or anything.

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