March 31, 2006

And yet, busier...

Ugh. So much to do. At work, I am the only UI developer. So I have to write the entire client. Which is due for DELIVERY on May 31. Which means off to test maybe by May 15? So, I have a bit of work to do! Thank goodness the ONE server developer we have is great and does the design to help make my life easier!

Baby T starts cereal tomorrow! I cannot believe he's that old, but lo and behold, 15 weeks tomorrow! The DR said 16 weeks, but who's counting!

Girl, Sara and Erika STILL haven't had their babies - here's hoping for a productive weekend for them!

Son started soccer this week. Even though he's the youngest in the class, he's apparently already the soccer master! (no, I'm not a wee bit overly proud!)

March 28, 2006

Overly Busy...


  • Work is crazy. We deploy MAY 31 and the entire client is being coded by ME. And we have nothing so far. Yikes!
  • Hubby and Son have been fighting colds for a week now.
  • Baby T got the cold with a VENGENCE last night. Apparently he is too little for decongestant. We had to do nasal saline drops and nose sucking. Yuk. He didn't like it either, judging from the FIT he threw. I'm not suprised to see that he didn't like it AND that he's got quite the temper.
  • Tonight, we did a steam shower and a warm mist vaporizer in his room. Let's hope it goes better!
  • Surprisingly, I'm tired and have had NO TIME to work out. This sucks. Next week, hubby and I are going to try an alternate schedule to see if it doesn't suck a bit less.

    Over and out.
  • March 26, 2006

    Roll On Baby!

    And Baby T has discovered the joys of rolling over! He can roll from his back onto his belly on either the right or left side! Way to go Baby T!

    Also - I left him Saturday to entertain himself in the bouncy seat - when I returned, he was a FOUNTAIN (A FOUTAIN I TELL YOU) of vomit! It was STILL coming out and he had the hugest grin on his face, like "Mommy, look at my trick!". It would have been funny if we weren't on our way to a surprise party where it is sort of important to be on time. AND when I went to throw him in the shower with Dad, I discovered a massive poop too! Ah, the lives of parents of young children! Never a dull moment!

    March 24, 2006

    Swiffer Duster!

    Oh man! Have I been wasting time vacuuming baseboards, lampshades, doors and chair rail! I bought this today as I am facing a severe shortage of cleaning time... and got the WHOLE HOUSE done in just about 1/2 an hour (in short spurts) as opposed to dragging the vaccuum around and the duster reaches behind and under things much better! I LOVE it and highly suggest it!

    Also purchased - size 3 nipples! Baby T had a 6.5 ounce bottle in 20 minutes! Go Baby T!


    Our Bumbo seats came today! LOVE THESE. Baby T loves the new position and it keeps him occupied for a while - and he can see what we're doing better! I highly HIGHLY recommend them for once the babies get their head control (somewhere between 2.5 months and 3 months!).

    March 21, 2006

    A List (because I'm Tired)

  • Work is progressing.
  • I LOVE working in the same building as hubby!
  • Why did Baby T sleep thru the night ALL LAST WEEK and not once today?
  • My mom witnessed her first reflux attack while watching Baby T today.
  • Baby T has almost rolled over. As soon as you lay him down, he rolls onto his side to continue trying to get all the way over.
  • Son starts soccer next Wednesday. Is he already old enough for organized sports? Apparently.
  • Go Erika and Girl! They'll be having their babies soon enough!!!!
  • I got a coupon for 25% off at the COACH store! Yipee!!!!!
  • I seriously need a pedicure.
  • and some sleep.
  • and a couple more hours in the day to get things done.
  • and time to work out.
  • I have lost TWO MORE POUNDS by going back on my PCOS medication! AND I haven't worked out since Sunday!
  • My work pants are getting seriously too big - but they have to last until it's warm enough for spring clothes - should I eat MORE??!!
  • March 20, 2006


    The new job should be great - my new boss, turns out to be an old boss of mine from years ago! I never ran across his last name in our chats w/my contracting boss and he never ran across mine, so that was a pleasant experience today.

    BUT 2 developers (out of 3!) quit today. They are young guys and got HUGE offers from smaller contracting companies so we'll see. Hopefully I don't get dumped on!

    And my contracting boss is a gem. Love her lots.

    Gotta run though - the house today, after Dad and two boys alone in it all day, is a MESS.

    March 19, 2006

    Sun Won't Come Out Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

    Tomorrow is my first day back at work. :-( I am SO dreading this. Yes, being home w/the kids is exhausting. And can be a lot of work, and hard to juggle the needs of a 4 year old and a 3 month old. And often times, I need TWO showers a day. BUT that is the best job I've ever had. I love it. And taking care of my boys. And being the one they have to run too all day.

    So tomorrow is the end of my maternity leave and it sucks. Luckily, I only have 4 day work weeks, but still. That's 4 days more a week than I was spending away from my boys! The idea that for 10 hours tomorrow, I have to go be with STRANGERS (I'm starting on a new contract) rather than my kids, is killing me.

    March 17, 2006


    Baby T has been asleep for 9 hours and 1 minute as I sit here and type and wait for him! It's 6:50 am and I am stunned! AND he only had 2 ounces before bed last night, so I was SURE he was going to get up around 3 am! So fantastic!

    I just ordered 2 of these (one for my mom's house)...

    Will let you know how it works out.

    3 months old is TOO YOUNG for the exersaucer though, just FYI. I did try it yesterday and it didn't work.

    March 16, 2006

    Weekly Laundry...

    Here's what I do in laundry...

  • 1 load darks for Son
  • 1 load sheets/towels for Son
  • 1 load underwear for Son
  • 1 load underwear for adults
  • 1 load darks for adults
  • 1 load lights for adults
  • 1 load sheets/towels for adults
  • 1 load lights for Baby T
  • 1 load darks for Baby T
  • 2 loads towels/spitup rags/etc for Baby T
  • 1 load dishtowels

    That is a good week. Many weeks include an extra load of undies for Son or an extra load of darks for adults (if Baby T spits up on us A LOT that week).

    So I am pretty much always spinning something in the washer!

    And this week, add

  • 3 loads of ski outerwear from last week
  • March 15, 2006

    Loving Fisher-Price!

    We bought this for Baby T in January and didn't put the toy bar on until he was 2 months old: he loves this VERY MUCH, btw

    Ocean Wonders Bouncy seat

    Well, a week after putting the toy bar on, when it blows the bubbles, it makes this HORRIBLE noise. SO LOUDLY.

    I just called Fisher Price and they are sending a new toy bar! Yay for good customer service!!!

    We rented this seat while in Beaver Creek, CO, and he LOVED it as well. The only issue is that it is smaller than the Ocean Wonders one and when he gets taller, he'll outgrow it faster, but man did he love that little bird!

    Flutterbye Bouncy Seat!

    Because he loved that bouncy seat so much, but it is too small to justify buying, we bought this Monday... (Flutterbye Deluxe Soft Gym)

    And, of course, he loves this too. (that is NOT BabyT in the picture! That is Amazon's picture)

    March 14, 2006

    Working Sucks!

    I had to go into my new job today to do some stuff to get ready for next week (there is something that can only be done on Tuesdays - if I waited until next week, I couldn't do the "thing" until Tuesday and not start work until Wednesday. Since they want me to start on Monday, I had to do the "thing" this Tuesday).

    MAN does hauling 2 kids to my Mom's house early in the morning SUCK. It is depressing and I hate it already. Next week is REALLY GOING TO SUCK.

    That is all. Tomorrow I will be spending another glorious day with just my two favorite little boys!

    March 13, 2006


    We're Home! Man, what a trip to get here! Our flight was delayed for TWO HOURS!

    My husband is a tall guy. And well built. So on a plane, his knees literally have to be tucked in behind the seat in front of him. And it is quite uncomfortable for him if the person in front of him puts his seat back on most planes. Well, this one was really bad. The guy in front of him reclined his seat into hubby's knees. When the guy didn't get what he felt was the full recline, he kept trying to jam it back (I could see from across the aisle that he WAS fully reclined, BTW). Hubby pointed out that the continued rammning would do no good because his seat hwas now resting on his knees, the guy kept doing it for THREE HOURS. AND hubby was holding Baby T (his arms are more comfy for sleeping than mine, go figure). Nice huh? I wanted to get up and smack him. Even the stewardesses noticed, because they were quite rude to him (at the end of the flight, one stewardess put his seat up for him, while he was sleeping!)

    Anyway, it's so great to be home! After having 2 kids in a hotel room all week, simply being home feels like a great luxury!

    March 11, 2006

    Ugh! A new diagnosis...

    Ok... about once a week or so, BabyT would throw up at least an entire feeding, or what looked like 2 feedings. Really gross. Generally we'd attribute it to not getting that last burp out, or moving him around too much after eating...Well.

    Since we've been in Colorado, he's had a LARGE, force-full throw up once a day. And boy is that fun when you're traveling, with limited change of clothes, and trying to not make a mess in a super fancy hotel room! So I called the pediatrician last night and she said he sounds like classic silent reflux. It doesn't bother him at all, but the food comes up very easily. Great. And my gut is telling me also that the altitude is making it worse, which is why we're up to throwing up once a day instead of once a week. Please join me in praying that once we get back to a non-high-altitude area, he gets better. Please, please, please. Having a child that throws up at the drop of a hat is an enormous amount of work and stress.

    Other than that, traveling w/a 12 week old is fine. Actually much easier than I thought it would be -except for having to wash bottles ALL THE TIME because I didn't bring enough and trying to keep bottled water handy for mixing formula!

    And the renting of baby accessories (bouncy seat, stroller) was a GREAT idea. I don't know what we'd have done w/out the bouncy seat, which he LOVED (it's the Fisher price Flutter & Chime I think, we have Ocean Wonders, and he loves the rented one just as much!)

    March 08, 2006


    or Cute Things They Say...

    at dinner last night...

  • My son, when L got a glass of wine --> "L! Who drank out of your glass? It's already half gone!" when he saw that they only gave the wine glasses half full.
  • After falling asleep on the bench before dinner came and being carried home, where he woke up, he asked "Why did we not eat dinner? We only got drinks!"... He missed the ENTIRE meal sleeping in his seat! And this was the 4 year old! (and a $30 kids steak thrown in the trash to boot!)
  • "I'm farting on you!" as my husband SKIED DOWN THE MOUNTAIN CARRYING THE 4 YEAR OLD AND HIS SKIS!

    Stay Tuned!
  • March 06, 2006

    New Discoveries...

  • Wealth apparently can turn people into serious assholes. We have run into some people that take themselves VERY seriously and do not have any consideration for others whatsoever.
  • I like staying in posh resorts! (we are traveling w/my in-laws)
  • My son is a natural athelete!
  • Who apparently can live off of no food for many days (this is day 4 of almost no food. Go figure. I have NO IDEA why he won't eat and why he's not hungry??!!)
  • I got to workout this morning! GOOD NEWS! My knees didn't hurt! I took it easy, but I think they are healed!!!
  • The babyBjorn is a lifesaver for wandering around w/the baby. The stroller would be so cold for him, so it's nice to have the chest carrier. I turned him facing front yesterday and he LOVES it.
  • The food here is so good, I'm going to have to workout every darn day.

    more later!
  • March 04, 2006

    On a little trip...

    and noticed these things on the plane...

  • the couple with 4 children. They had 4 girls, where the OLDEST one was 4 years old and the youngest was 3 1/2 months (I asked! She's MUCH smaller than Baby T, who is 2 1/2 months). The middle children appeared to be 18 months (she didn't have her own seat, so she must be younger than 2 years old) and the other one maybe 3 years old? Goodness.
  • The 4 year old girl. She wet her pants in the seat. Gross (I KNOW kids have accidents, but gross!) - so the stewardess gave her a blanket to sit on - which is EXACTLY why I never use those blankets. Yuck.
  • These people also felt it was ok to let the 2 oldest girls run around the airplane unsupervised, because they each had their hands full w/the smaller ones.
  • Some jackass w/a backpack hit me on the head w/his backpack while turning around in the aisle. Oblivious jerk. Why is it hard for people to compensate for the backpack space needed when they are wearing one? Why???
  • The lady in the seat in front of me was SO HEAVY that when she reclined her seat, she actually got it to recline like 10 inches and...seriously...her seat was IN MY LAP it was reclined so far. So that was fun.

    But today? We are at the resort and it is fabulous. There is the CUTEST crib ever in the room for Baby T, and the bouncy seat and stroller we rented are so much nicer than what we expected! The bouncy seat is actually brand new. So that is also great.

    Watch this space for more updates!!