January 20, 2005

And it only got worse...

Ok - had to pick son up yesterday because hubby's car SUCKS in the snow and he couldn't get into my Mom's neighborhood.

Then it took 90 MINUTES to go from her house to the toll road (it's 4 miles, maybe). 90 FRICKEN MINUTES - because people here can't drive in a FUCKING inch of snow. And it wasn't even snowing by that time! I burned 5 gallons of gas sitting still for 90 MINUTES.

Of course, once we got home, it was just son and I hanging out and we had a blast, so in the end, it was OK.


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

It is a great thing when you can look at a horrible situation and find something good in it all.

Anonymous said...

We at AMCGLTD like to count all the smashed up cars and rolled over SUV's on the toll road back and forth to work before we hit exit 11 ;)