January 25, 2005

Mother may I have another?

Sucky, sucky day.


(Sorry Steve - in this one.case. they're justified.)

Got test results. Very.Bad. What I was afraid of. Count this as the second worst day of my entire life. Seriously.

Silver lining - cleared to resume working out starting Monday, if all goes well until then. Which means I can SKI when we got to Aspen/Snowmass in March. Unfortunately, I've NEVER been this out of shape my entire life, since before I started running Cross Country in high school. Wish me luck - I restart on Monday (starting out slowly though), so I'll be talking to the gym across the street tomorrow about their rates.


Anonymous said...

Whatever the test results are, I hope that it's something that can be taken care of.


Anonymous said...

Now you're really worrying me. I hope you're ok or are easily going to be ok.

ANita (I forgot waht my id and password are for blogger comments)