January 24, 2005

My morning, thus far...

Up @ 6 a.m. Am in need of some bloodwork. DR said if I get in early enough, they might get results today. Since I am not one for waiting, was there when the lab unlocked door at 7. Which is no small feat as that's awful damn early and the street for the lab had not been plowed. It snowed on Saturday, so now it's an ice skating rink!

So on way to work after blood draw, with coat on in car, heat going full blast and heated seats on HIGH, realize forgot to put on deodorant. nice. Mental note: buy deodorant at store in office building.

11 a.m. Remember that I'm not wearing deodorant. Being anxious about test results tends to make one sweaty.

Go down to little store - they have 2 kinds, unscented and a "fresh" scent endorsed by the NBA. Um, ok. Unscented for me.

Open it up and put it on (in the bathroom) - realize either it or I already smell. Oh well. I tried.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the way it always is?...lol


girl from florida said...

I hate that! I always realize about halfway through the day too. A little wipe with paper towel & soap helps the smell, I've learned. :)