January 26, 2005

Move Review: Jeepers Creepers

Many thanks to Michele because I saw the recommendation for this movie on her site.

Last night was movie night. As hubby is such a darling, knowing that I had the second worst day of my life, chose the 1 movie out of the 3 Netflix movies sitting on our counter that I had personally requested. Isn't he a dear? Truly. I know he's not a huge fan of horror movies, so I was touched. << c'mon, everybody say "awwww" >>

What a great movie! Sure, at many points I was saying "Girl, get your face out of that sewer pipe, and just run!" or "Boy, just run now, don't walk slowly through the 'house of pain'!"...but it was actually a good movie!

From reading the reviews, the sequel is not up to par, so we probably won't add it to our queue unless one of you pipe up w/a great review.

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