January 04, 2005

Respect for my time...

Ok...here's the background...

My Mom is looking for a new entertainment center and sofa for her family/living room. She found 1 of each at Haverty's in Fairfax. She called me Saturday, from the store, with her salesperson to setup a time for me to come see it to give my opinion (why she needs my opinion is another story...)

I tell her to tell the saleslady, LISA, that I will come in Tuesday at lunch. Lisa says she comes in at 1. I tell her that I will be there just a little before 1, and I'll just look around until she gets there. She says no, she'll be there at 12 if I will really be there. Great! Thank you!

Fast forward to today, Tuesday, at 12 when I walk in the store.

I wait.

Fast forward 40 MINUTES - no Lisa.

Very nice. I cannot stand it when people have so little respect for other's people's time that they are even late, let alone don't show. Was she unable to call the store and say "Hey - I'm expecting a customer, if someone comes in looking for me tell them this ____________..."??? Is that asking too much? Apparently.

So I thought the entertainment center was very nice. But the sofa? Lisa was supposed to show me which one my Mom liked. So my Mom isn't going to buy it because I haven't see it - so Lisa just cost herself $1100 in commission.

And when I do take her shopping for sofas again, it won't be with LISA. To be considerate of Lisa's time, I got a credit application for my Mom so she can get their "no interest for a year" deal...my Mom's English writing skills are a bit slow, and I know it would be infinitely easier for me to do it than to send my Mom in and have Lisa do it - and if it wouldn't be wasting my Mom's time, I'd do it.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely hate that. No consideration at all. That was your whole lunch hour. Sheesh.