January 27, 2005

I'm a big fan of reality...

I have a list of blogs I check every day. As I find more I like, I add to this list. One of the things I do when I get a new blog, after I've been reading it long enough to decide that I do think
a. this person is interesting
b. this person writes interestingly
c. i want to know more

is read through their archives. For some of the blogs I read, this timeline is important - it helps me understand how they got to the "status" they are at today. And I think it's fascinating to read a blog where the story is already written, I don't have to wait a day or two or more for an update! For example, I start w/Dec 1, 2003 and work forward thru time from there. Very often, I run across something mentioned in a recent post and I think, Ah ha, that's what they were talking about, now I understand. I learn so much more about the people by starting at the beginning...why did they start (which isn't obvious sometimes if you start reading them 2 years into their blog), what is important to them, events in their lives, what that picture or title of the blog means, etc.

Of course, once I get caught up, now I have to wait until they update again and go in search of more blogs for my list.

It's sort of like reality tv for my computer. I do the same thing w/reality TV. I record a whole season of something new (for me, it's Amazing Race right now) and I start watching late, but start w/episode 1 so I can move forward at my own pace and not have to wait a week for an update.

(so, if any of you see someone poking around in your archives, it's probably just me reading up)


girl from florida said...

:) Haha! It's soooo funny that you posted this, because (I have NO IDEA why) for some reason it kind of makes me nervous when someone reads my archives. Like I'm afraid people I know will find me or something. How weird is that?

But this is true- reading archives is like reading a story of a blogger you really like. Learning about their past, etc. I can't wait to read more archives as soon as my class is over & I have free time to browse the internet at work again, haha.

Anita said...


Still thinking of you a lot lately.

Hope you're feeling better.