January 12, 2005

Holy Moley Batman!

That stuff's expensive!

I stopped at Ski Chalet to look at snow clothes for son for our trip to CO to ski in March. I figured I'd get them now and he could wear them for playing in the snow, to get the most use out of them. And, given that his new winter coat is already too small (seriously!!!!), thought it was a good choice.

Actually, kiddie Obermeyer isn't expensive....

But I browsed over to the adult section becuase hubby and I both need all new duds as well...damn! On the clearance rack, anything that I might even consider being seen in (the stupid looking crap was cheap) was starting at like $300! To $500! On the non-sale rack, I fell in love w/a dark red jacket - $839! I literally had to recheck the price tag! And I found a pair of UGG boots for $150, which make the Timberlands look like a bargain!

I didn't even dare look at what they charge for men's stuff!!!

I think we'll wait until the end of February (when ski season on the east coast is over) before we shop for us!


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