January 10, 2005

Monday Ponderings...

Ok - remember I talked about the wonderful condiment tray at the drive-thru McDonalds? Where you could get as much ketchup as you want? Now I know why this is a bad idea...it is at the end of the drive thru lane, right before you exit the parking lot. When you pull up and they are (gasp!) out of ketchup, you're screwed, NO KETCUP FOR YOU!

Also - if you have an anklet and want to wear pantyhose, shouldn't you remove the anklet? Or just put the hose on OVER the anklet? Also -if you're the same woman w/the anklet under her hose, and you are wearing sling-pumps, and your feet are so "puffy" that you are all hanging out of the front/toe part of the shoe, you might want to buy bigger and/or different shoes. Just a suggestion!

Also - this area is covered w/three-letter-acronymn companies (like EDS, PRC, etc.) these are not meant be read as "words" - you should say all the letters, duh.

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