January 26, 2005

Kidding me?

Ok...scenario. I feel like crap and am trying desperately to hid this from my three year old. We decide to eat dinner out, at Friendly's.

It's going well - son is on Dad's side of the table so all I have to do is sit there and smile.

WARNING: anyone not wanting to read about toddler bodily functions should stop here, though it is funny.

Son farts. I don't know about you, but if you have children you might know what's coming.

Son: I pooped!

Husband checks pants, "well, there might be something..."
I decide to give hubby a break and take son to the bathroom, because after he heard Dad say that, he wanted the underwear CHANGED NOW (as he exclaimed loudly, in a full restaurant) and really, do I have a choice at that point other than to take him to the bathroom, even if I don't have a spare pair of undies for him??? Do I???

So I get him in there and see it's just a "wet fart", where he commonly thinks he's pooped, but not really. Still usually cause for a change in underwear.

So I stand him on the changing table and take off his shoes, pants, underwear and give him a good wiping. Then put his pants and shoes back on, no underwear.

Son: Mom, you forgot the underwear.
Me: mommy doesn't have anymore, just this once, we don't need it
Son: You've got to be kidding me?! You're kidding right?

Where does he get this stuff, he's THREE? :-)


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

For starters, you are lucky to have gotten away with that commando attire for the rest of dinner.

Speaking as a dad of two (9 and 2), that announcement by your hubby would have earned me a lap full of ice cream from my much-better-half....

girl from florida said...

hahhaah! You HAVE to be kidding me! That is too cute. My hubby says that all the time so it made me smile. :)

Does Friendlys still have the great soft serve ice cream? There aren't any around here anymore but I used to love it.