January 23, 2006

After 18 days...

Hubby returns home today!! I could not be more excited about this! And so could son, who is missing his Daddy terribly.

I am very tired. For some reason, Baby T wanted to play last night between 3 and 4 (after EATING from 2 - 3 a.m.)... he doesn't ever do this, so I have no idea why or what to make sure I do / don't do today to prevent a repeat (though I AM NOT THE ONE getting up with him tonight!!! :-)

I saw a new informercial last night - it's this piece of exercise equipment - it's a large pole (maybe 6 feet?) with a big spade shaped fan head on each side. So you wave it around and the wind resistance is your exercise. It looks ridiculous. I will try and find a link - they had the website listed, but I can't remember it now in the light of day!

Here is a link to the heating belt I wrote about before, where it makes your belly sweat off the weight... Velform Sauna Belt

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