January 24, 2006

He's HOME!

YAY! Hubby got home last night! And because he was still on the other time, couldn't sleep, so HE got up w/Baby T last night so I could sleep! Man do I feel great today! BUT three weeks of laundry - some of the STINKIEST I have ever smelled - I'm working on load #2 right now.

Then he took Son to preschool, leaving me and Baby T alone for quite a few hours! I do not know how I found this to be a lot of work when I was home on leave w/my first son - having only a newborn seems so easy compared to being home w/a newborn and a 4 year old! Cake I tell you! I managed to clean up from breakfast, do laundry, feed the baby, have a shower, give the baby a bath, drag up the rest of the infant toys from the basement...

I registered at Similac.com for more formula coupons and got quite frustrated - they require a strong password than my work network! A capital letter, a lowercase letter, and a number. Jeesh - heaven forbid someone hack into my Similac account and do what? Change Baby T's birthdate? Add more kids? WHAT could be so dangerous?


girl from florida said...

LOL! I hate when places require such a crazy password, I usually try to use similar passwords for most things so inevitably I'll end up forgetting everything!

I'm glad your hubby is home safe & sound & is giving you a bit of help!!

Erika said...

ROFL...good point.