January 04, 2006

So...what I got...

Saw infomercials for these products while feeding Baby T...

White Light - Teeth Whitening

I also saw one for a band you wear around your stomach - and it makes you sweat where the band is, so you can lose inches in just hours! What an invention! I'm so sure that works! (HAHAHAHA) The commercial shows a couple just hanging out wearing the stomach bands and sweating while lounging around the house...I'll watch for the link at tonight's 4 a.m. feeding!

Baby T is doing well. He's getting up 2 times at night to eat then goes back to sleep. During the day we are starting to see more times of alertness. He loves to lay on the floor and look at some of his newborn toys. This really surprises me because my older son HATED when we didn't hold him. We couldn't put him down ANYWHERE, SERIOUSLY. We thought we trained him to be like that, but now I think it's inherent in his personality - as Baby T likes to be put down and left alone sometimes.

Here are my tips for the hospital stay (ok, I'm jumping around a bit here - if you're a guy or not interested in pregnancy info, feel free to skip this list!! )
  • FLIP FLOPS! You will want these for the first time you get out of bed to go to the bathroom and for showering at the hospital. IT IS MESSY and shoes you can wash are essential! And you don't want to go barefoot in there - every else that uses that room makes the same mess you do!
  • If you have a boy, and circumsize him, take extra vaseline tubes! You cannot buy these little tubes and it's so easy to use the tubes as opposed to the jars of vaseline!
  • Bring cardstock - you can ask the nurse for extra footprints when they are doing the baby's! (of course, I forgot my cardstock, but it was on the list!)
  • If you have a 2 level house, get an extra spray bottle for cleaning up after you use the bathroom. It is a pain to have to remember to keep bringing it up and down with you - and after giving birth you want to try and limit your stairs.
  • I like to eat on the way to the hospital! I know at Fairfax at least, you can't have anything except ice chips once you arrive.
  • Make sure to pee before you are 3 c.m. (at least at Fairfax) if your water has broken - once you have broken water and 3 c.m., they will not let you out of bed.
  • Bring reading material or movies! For the hours between the epidural and giving birth.
  • If you are not breast feeding, bring jog bras to put on immediately after giving birth. Bring at least one for each day (3 total probably).

    Dang. I knew I'd forgot some bullet points by waiting so long to do my list...I'll keep thinking!

    Erika said...

    SPRAY BOTTLE?!?!?!?!

    [freaking out]

    girl from florida said...

    Love the list... thank you! I've heard about spray bottles, they are supposed to really help after with stitches and all that. Did you have to get an episiotomy? That's what I'm the most terrified of for some reason.

    Corinne said...

    Wow... no food at Fairfax (this I knew) and no PEEING AFTER 3 CM!?! okay, I think I can handle that. Does Fairfax have a DVD player or do you have to bring that too? Cuz I loaded up on DVD's at Christmas.....