January 19, 2006


Am I the only person on the planet to pay for music? I downloaded Walmart's music thingy and get songs for 88 cents! I love it! I've only downloaded like 5 so far, but I'm wanting more, more, more!

Celebrity Fit Club?! Anyone watch this trainwreck (I know I'm probably the only one up at all hours watching tv!)..but Kelly LeBrock, the hot chick from Weird Science, is on it and man is she large! She looks like a thin person in one of those fat suits, she just looks so bloated. She claims she got that way on PURPOSE to scare off men. Sure. That's why I had a baby - men hate that belly flab! Also, the stud guy from Grease, Kineki? The one that slept w/Rizzo? He's on it... he was BOMBED out of his mind and blamed it on cold medicine. Sure...maybe he'll send me some next time I have a cold?

That's all I got right now - sneaking off to bed and praying for Baby T to sleep well (he gets up twice a night, which isn't bad, but I'd like more hours between the 2 risings... - wish me luck!)

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girl from florida said...

I pay for music too... I just use iTunes which is 0.99cents a song, I'll have to try Walmart b/c it's cheaper!