January 10, 2006

Probably Where I Reveal

that I'm a big dork...I've been tagged by Erika...

Four jobs I've had in my life: cashier at Nordstrom, data-entry at Nordstrom, sales at Sport's Authority & County Seat, software engineer, software engineer manager, usability manager, MOMMY!!

Four movies I could watch over and over: Any of the Star Wars Movies (and I HAVE seen them lots by now w/a 4 year old son!!), Urban Cowboy, Gone With The Wind, A Christmas Story

Four places I've lived: Tyson's Corner, Va - Morgantown, WVa - Blacksburg, Va - Leesburg, Va

Four TV shows I love to watch: Survivor, Nip/Tuck, Lost, Friends

Four places I've been on vacation: St. John, Stockholm, Helsinki, Talinn

Four websites I visit daily: only four??? Impossible! But my MUST reads start with Amalah, Dooce, A Little Pregnant, Julia

Four of my favorite foods: My mom's roast beef, McDonald's, excellent steak, CHOCOLATE! (of course, limiting favorite foods to 4 is also a challenge: i love my mom's egg rolls and fried rice, chips & dip, ICING!)

Four places I'd rather be: at home, not at work, DisneyWorld, a spa

Four albums I can't live without: I'm flighty - these change all the time - so my four of the moment are: HonkyTonk U by Toby Keith, anything by Tim McGraw, a kid's CD granny sent my son, the Star Wars sound tracks

Four people I'm tagging if they want to be caught: nah...i've seen this everywhere...even though it's the first time I've been tagged... though if you want to do it, leave me a link so I can learn about YOU!

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Erika said...

COUNTY SEAT?!?!? ROFL...I remember that store!!! What happened to it??