January 21, 2006

My how we change...

Baby T is 5 weeks old today!!!

Here are his changes so far...
  • Newborn clothes are too small (they've been too small for weeks now)
  • Instead of pooping every time he eats, it's slowed down to like 2 a day (this is MUCH nicer even though the poops are bigger, it's only 2 times a day instead of, like EIGHT!)
  • Feedings can go up to 8 ounces!
  • Awake periods during the day are appearing and getting longer.
  • Neck strength is improving.
  • He's too big for the newborn liner in the carseat.
  • We upgraded today to the next size bottle nipples! This makes feedings faster!

    I wish I could add sleeping better, but he still gets up twice a night, 2 hours after falling asleep - he refuses to miss a feeding simply because it's nighttime. This is odd to us, as my older son refused to miss sleep simply to eat! By 5 weeks, he was down to 1 nighttime feeding, which is MUCH more manageable.
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    Erika said...

    I think this is what is going to freak me out the most...5 weeks and already out of "newborn" clothes and carseat...!!! I can't think past newborn stage!