January 15, 2006

Ooops - I forgot!

The baby is fine...He has a small tear which is bleeding a little at the end of the day because he poops SO MUCH. But he is fine and it isn't bothering him, just me.

ALSO - He weighs 11 pds. 4 oz at just a day or two under 4 weeks! What a heavy little dude! Of course, we were supposed to bring him in at 2 weeks and schedule a 4 weeks, which the parent that took him to his 2 day appt didn't tell me, so I scheduled a 4 week appt. for next week.

Unfortunately, hubby has been out of town for a long time. And he just got held over for another week. UGH. I could really use him here at home and for one of the nighttime feedings. He sent the most beautiful rose bouquet yesterday because he felt so bad. It sucks, the delay is totally out of his control and he feels awful. Oh well...nothing I can do about it. Just have to work on keeping the 2 kids alive and happy for another week.

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girl from florida said...

Glad baby is fine!!! Sorry hubby is delayed... but sooo sweet of him to send roses!! :) That is really cute :)