January 17, 2006

Today's Update...

It's Tuesday...

So we had to rush out the door this morning (hahaha --> rush? With a 4 year old and a newborn? THAT IS FUNNY). Then to my mom's to wait for preschool to be over, where I got an unhurried shower and she made me lunch.

THEN I went to THREE grocery stores looking for formula. Apparently there is either a run on Similac Advance Formula (the store by my house and the Target are OUT of it) or there are so many babies in the 20 mile radius of my house they are always on the verge of out-of-stock? The first store only had 3 bottles, which was not enough to last me until hubby returns. So to another store...they had 0. Then the last store had 7, which will bring me to a few hours after hubby returns. PHEW! I narrowly avoided having to run to the store again w/both boys... a near miss!

THEN my post-D&C appt. Where the nurse was TOTALLY confused about my status - postpartum or post d&C...I said "yes, both" - apparently she had no idea you could be both... But, the DR said I looked great and approved me to
  • hot tub! We got a new one when we moved in here Oct. 2004, but we were trying to get pregnant so hubby couldn't go in. Then I got pregnant (three times!) which kept me out... So whenever hubby returns and cleans it up, we're in!
  • take baths!
  • have sex! Be careful about getting pregnant the dr said. hahahahaha
  • EXERCISE! Cannot wait on this one! So I'm planning for a nice hard walk the day after hubby returns! I cannot wait!
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    girl from florida said...

    YAY! Wow, has it already been 6 weeks? I'm worried about having to wait that long after the baby comes :) I can't believe all the formula was almost gone... it makes me SO irritated when grocery stores understock. Especially with something like baby formula!