January 30, 2006

Proud Mama...


Today I had a parent-teacher conference with my son's teacher. It went very well!

Academically, he's doing excellent. He knows all his letters, numbers, can write his name without help, understands how numbers correlate to the actual # of objects, etc. He is in the three-year old class because of his late birthday (he's 4, turned in December) - and said he's more advanced than most of her 4 year old class (they don't all know their letters, etc. Most cannot write their name without help). He does very well at story time, and can repeat the story back to the teacher and answer questions about what happened in the story. He scored outstanding on sharing, listening, following instructions, etc.

She said he was very mature for his age, and a total joy (of course, I already knew all of this). Her daughter saw his picture and thought he was the cutest! Then when she came to the class to help out, she was taken in by his great personality and charm! :-)

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girl from florida said...

You have every right to be a proud mama!!! :)