January 12, 2006


  • I weighed myself today - only 7 pounds more to lose!!! YAY ME!
  • I wrote my mom a check to cash from her retirement account. When she went to the bank to cash it, they didn't want to cash it because there wasn't some high amount in her account there... I only kept her acct w/that bank so she'd have the convience of cashing checks there. I don't understand their logic - she's CASHING A CHECK, not withdrawing money from an acct that doesn't have sufficient funds? WTF?
  • Picking Son up from preschool is a pain. The lines are SO LONG. It takes forever - and of course Baby T doesn't like to be in the car if it's standing still, so this is a challenge. I'm going to ask next week if I'm allowed to walk in and get him myself.
  • Not enough blood around here - Baby T has had a bit of blood in his diaper lately - so the DR wants to see him in a 1/2 an hour... gotta run. Getting very tired of doctors and blood!!!

    Mabel said...

    (((Hugs))) Hope baby T is okay...

    Anonymous said...

    So sorry to hear about your baby being sick. Hope all is better soon. And congrats on the weight loss!

    Infertility Sucks

    girl from florida said...

    Hey! Congrats on the weight, that's INCREDIBLE! You didn't gain very much total, did you? You are officially my role model :)

    What did the doctor say about the blood? I hope everythings OK!!