January 26, 2006

Personal Trainer...

I had my appt w/a personal trainer yesterday - I've LOST TWO MORE POUNDS! Yay!

I officially start training with her on Tuesday. I cannot wait! To get my body back, after all this time! I haven't worked out since I changed jobs last OCTOBER and didn't want to get a new gym membership because we were trying to get pregnant.

Apparently, after going thru her tests, I am still in pretty good shape. My resting heart rate is low (59) and it takes a lot to bring it up, but when I stop it goes right back down (which is another indicator that you're in shape)... my strength is low, but that is no surprise and my abs are all shot-to-shit (duh!).

So - here are my starting facts:
Weight: 133 pds
Body fat: 27.5% (YIKES!) --> after I freaked about that number because for me that is AMAZINGLY HIGH, she reminded me I just had a baby and hadn't worked out in OVER a year.
Goal: 120 pds (which may or may not be possible, this is my end-of-college weight)

So - here we go! Wish me luck!


enjanerd said...

Wow, that's not bad at all. I gained more than that my first year in college (and I definitely didn't have the excuse of having a baby for the gain)! ;)

I have no experience with this, but I've heard that while you're breast-feeding, the last 5 pounds are incredibly hard to lose. So, in case you're breast-feeding, don't get discouraged! -j.

Erika said...

I weighed more than that before I got pregnant! Go girl!!