November 15, 2004

Girl's Weekend...

So the weekend was a blast!  SB flew in from Atlanta, E flew in from AZ, SG drove up from Blacksburg, VA w/her son J and my friend SK who lives here locally came over (w/out son M, who had strep this weekend)...We had a great time, hanging out and being cheesy w/one another.  This includes 2 hours of browsing thru magazines and commenting on current celebrities...E has had the good fortune to run into a few recently, so lots of conversation on some of those specifically.
We played Cranium (most of us for the first time) and went in the hot tub as well as enjoying some excellent Virginia Tech Hokie wine!  Hubby is upset he was sleeping by the time we got in the hot tub (like 1 a.m.) and he missed the two non-mommies in their bikinis!  And well...4 chicks having drinks in a hot tub is any man's dream anyway!
Gotta love those Girlfriends!

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