November 15, 2004

Signature Software... work I am currently researching the use of signature recognition software for logging into a Tablet PC.  (Perk - I get a Tablet PC)....
I'm surveying those of you out there ("my loyal readership"....all 2 of you ;-)...
Would this work for you?  Meaning - is your signature consistent enough to use this?  For example, my husband's signature is a sloppy letter followed by a squiggle for the first name, then a sloppy letter followed by a squiggle for his last name.  But the squiggles, even though they'd be recognized by the software, aren't consistent enough on Hubby's end for software to use to verify.
The reason I'm asking is this:  I sign my name fairly neatly and consistently (I thought) so it'll always look pretty and be readable.  And it just took me 25 tries to login to my Tablet.

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