November 15, 2004


How can Thanksgiving only be 2 weeks away?  Scratch that...I just looked at my damn, it's next Thursday!?  Is this possible?  I think I lost some days in there somewhere...
Hold onto your boots!  I got the call back from the car place Friday...Allstate estimated my damages at $2600.  The actual cost will be.....................$5700.  Apparently they actually need new bumpers, front & back, as well as new glass and a new rear quarter panel.  I was hoping they'd just un-ripple the rear right quarter panel, but apparently it's toast.
And...get this....they won't be done until December 6.  December 6!  Can you believe that?  What do you think my odds of getting Allstate to get me a better loaner are, given this info?  Not that the car itself isn't "ok" but
- it's smaller than my truck
- it's not leather
- it's a tiny weak engine in a heavy SUV
- it doesn't have XM radio
- it doesn't have heated seats

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