November 08, 2004


Well...I'm still new job is not the idea blogging place and I have so much stuff to do to get settled in the new house, blogging will be <i>very light</i>.
Car update: taking car to the shop today!  I got my rental finally Friday night and couldn't get hold of an agent to give me the number of the approved repair facility until today.
House update: workers from the builder in the house today replacing and painting the doors that were incorrectly installed, electrician is FINALLY here to hookup hottub, landscaping guys are rolling the yard flat where workers drove some vehicle or another thru our backyard, workers are looking into why our sump pump is pumping out water STILL even though it hasn't rained in 4 DAYS - hubby even extended the sump pump drain pipe 12 feet further out into the yard to try and make sure the water wasn't draining right back in, but it hasn't helped.
I found out that washing pillows in the washer turns them around inside the pillow and you cannot fix this w/out ripping the pillow open, so I have to buy more pillows before my girlfriends come Friday...
Hphmmm - lots of work to do!
No posting on the election though - no reason to bring up all those fragile feelings from last week.

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