November 29, 2004

Ok...I admit it...

I'm a holiday music junkie.

There I said.  Are you all rushing to close out the window as I type????
I ADORE holiday music....I eagerly await the day after Thanksgiving every year because it means one thing - 24 / 7 of Christmas music on the radio....well, at least on a couple of stations!  I own a TON of Christmas that I have the old versions and new versions of my favorite "alternative" versions (a la Manheim Steamroller)... they go right into the CD changer on that day as well... embarrassingly enough...son thinks "Silent Night" is a regular lullaby, I sing it so much! :-)
I saw the lists going around of "worst Christmas songs" and while I agree that some are bad (terribly bad - see Michele's choice @ ) - it's still better than the crap they play all year round!  I love it - bring on the Rock!  Jingle Bell Rock, that is!

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