November 17, 2004

Just at the mall...

Since the mall is right across the street, I thought I'd pop in to get Son some new tennis shoes, as his have been too small for a while, but we've not managed to get him any yet....
Here's a synopsis of my trip:
- people driving around the mall not knowing where they are going, randomly going from far right lane to far left lane.  Or simply stopping in the lane w/turn signal on and waiting for someone to invite them over.
- some stupid older chick in a new large Lexus parked so crooked in her space that the car to her right had no hope of even cracking open a car door, let alone pulling out because the rear of her car actually blocked theirs, she was so crooked.  I actually laughed when I walked by and she got back in her car and straightened it (note: she was also one of the people from bullet one above)
- Nordstrom has NO size 9 children's Nike's for boys
- Stride Rite only carries all white boys Nike's (dumb)
- man standing in the lower level of Hecht's, in the middle of the walkway, digging deep in his nose
- no purses under $80 were acceptable, so I did not purchase one again today

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