November 09, 2004

Tuesday Morning...

Not much to update...The hot tub is working...last night the water was up to 90 degrees and Hubby thought that sounded warm enough to go in (naked)...Nope!  Then putting the cover back on was rather "refreshing" as well! :-)
We dropped my truck off to be fixed.  We'll see if it comes back in acceptable condition or not.  Doubt it.  I would really like to get my hands on that lady.  Dropping off the car took 1 hour of my time and my husband's time, plus I had to leave work early to do it (they close early) so now I have to make up the time.  This isn't really fair - she's costing me all sorts of wasted time that I can't be re-imbursed for.  Getting the rental car took an hour of my time.  She should have to pay for all the inconvience...not just the physical damage.  It is so frustrating.  The car place needs 48 hours just to tell me WHEN they think they'll be done with it.  Jeesh.
Other than that, not much else going on...Where I work now is mixed with hotels and offices, and at any given time you see people rolling suitcases around the streets for some reason or another.  Well, last night some guy decides to run across the street (in fast rush hour traffic) pulling his suitcase darting between cars.  Well, dumba$$ drops something and stops to get it, almost gets creamed.  We wouldn't want to cross at the light that was 50 feet away now would we?  Isn't that what it's FOR?
Side note: new job requires business casual.  So I drop a large sum of $$ getting clothes to wear for work.  Noticing that I've gone up a size since not working out, I buy the new size.   Moving has apparently been kind to me, as I've lost at least 5 pounds, while still not working out, but now all my pants are barely hanging on my hips..  What do I do?  They don't have belt loops and now they look a bit sloppy...suggetions?

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