November 16, 2004

Make a woman happy...

Comments, courtesy of moi.

How To Be A Happy Woman

1. Eat a whole box of Godiva truffles. Don't share.


2. Fall madly, passionately, head-over-heels, dangerously in love. Hold nothing back.


3. Speak bad French or Italian to a French or Italian person. Listen when they correct you.


4. Break up with a guy you like but isn't good for you.


5. Don't give in, no matter how painful, if your principles are at stake.


6. Wear a thong. Leopard print. 

7. Bake a wedding cake from scratch.

hahahahahahahaha you've got to be kidding.

8. Paint a wall in your house a primary color. Don't apologize or explain when people look at it funny.

um, no.  Maybe paint a wall in a color that excites you that isn't popular.

9. Take a yoga class on the off chance that concentrating on your breathing really will bring you inner peace.

um, no

10. Inner peace is over-rated. Look for whatever makes you happy, even if it makes you crazy.

11. Use the "I have PMS" excuse. Once. It'll never work again, so use it wisely.

You can use it more than once, just use it sparingly.

12. Only buy really good, high-quality handbags. Spend thousands of dollars on them and then give them to your daughters when they graudate college. Under no circumstances should a lady be seen without a pretty handbag.

Um. no...this worked before I had kids.  Now the idea of spending that much on a purse that may or may not get left somewhere, get spilled on, drawn on, or thrown up on....don't think so.

13. Know when to listen and when not to listen.

14. Your girlfriends become more important as time goes on. Treat them beautifully.


15. Buy or rent a very fast car. You'll instantly understand the thrill of NASCAR.

Oh yes! But buy it.

16. Do not ever let a man tell you how to drive, dress, think or walk.


17. Discover why you were put on this earth. Some of us were lucky enough to know when we're five years old. Some people don't discover it until they're 89. Discover it and then put every bit of your passion and love and time into it. Don't let anybody ever stand in your way.

18. If you absolutely must write a love letter, write it then put it away for three days. Go back to it. If anything seems embarrassing or off to you, throw it away. Only the most certain among us should actually send a love letter. It's much easier to call; there's no paper trail and they can't prove anything.

19. Forgive your mother.

Um, no.  Love your mother and accept her the way she is.

20. Forgive yourself.

21. Make something that is not temporary.

22. Travel alone. You can be anybody you want to be, whereever you are, but for some reason it's easier to be the girl you want to be when you're not at home.

Sounds like a good idea, though an impossibility

23. Never take naps for granted.

24. Puppydogs will always cheer you up, no matter how angry or sad or depressed you are.

Unless you're allergic and horribly afraid of dogs.

25. Read good books.


26. Own real estate.


27. Never never never sleep with a guy on the first date.


28. Marriage is not an old fashioned idea.


29. Document everything.


30. If you have a son, teach him to love women. If you have a daughter, teach her to love herself.


31. Do not evade reality. Bills must be paid, children must be fed, and your soul must be nourished. Reality whispers sometimes. Don't make it shout.

32. Work out.


33. Never never never sleep with a married man. Unless he's your husband, of course.

34. Do not buy faux cashmere. Buy one scrumptious black or cream colored cashmere sweater, take good care of it and it will last twenty years.

35. Never attribute to the mundane what can be attributed to the divine.

36. Do not let anybody tell you that jewelry is just a "material possession". Every smart woman knows that a diamond tennis bracelet, a strand of pearls or a birthstone ring are not just possessions: they are sentiments of love that can be passed on for generations.

Agree - I look forward to leaving my pieces to my children, along w/the story as to why they are important to me.  For instance, custom wedding bands and engagement rings, no story needed, but found in Utah.  Diamond solitare necklace, a thank you from hubby for producing beautiful son. Etc.  You cannot tell me that my children will not cherish these items when they are handed down. 

37. For one holiday season, be Martha Stewart.

For as many as you can tolerate!

38. Groundspeed of joy: the pace at which you rush to meet your loved one at an airport.

39. Sometimes the most valuable possession you have is a door to close behind you.

40. Ask for something - once. Never again.

41. Use any excuse to celebrate.

42. Respect the limitations of your own morality but do not live so safely that you are in perfect condition when you reach death's door.

43. Dreams do come true.

44. You can find inspiration in anything if you look at it the right way.

45. Writer's block is a myth.

46. You never know who you're going to meet, influence, or persuade. Imagine how important you are that you might inspire somebody to a life like yours.

47. Be yourself.

48. Beauty is always the best accessory. Corrollary: Beauty can be faked.

49. You can handle anything. You might need help, but you can handle it.

50. Happiness is a choice, like everything else.


Great list - like Michele at A Small Victory says it well...not all women are the same!  And not the same things make us tick...

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