December 07, 2004


Setting: having a meeting with a "very important person".  My cell phone rings.
Me: Hello?
Voice: Hello -is this The Princess (name withheld, duh)?
Me: Yes?
Voice: this is XYZ Security company - passcode please?
Me: What?  I don't know who you are or what you're talking about?
Voice: this is Joe with XYZ Security company - your home alarm is going off....can I have your passcode please?
Me: Oh shit - it's XXXXXXXXXX - what's going on?  (nothing like having "very important person" only hear my half of this conversation)
Voice: shall we send the police?
Me: yes please....
Now I just wait - hubby is on his way and I've just been informed the police are "there" but no one can tell me as of yet what happened...
Hold on for updates!

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