December 07, 2004

Stupid People...

In our next installment of "When Stupid People Attack"...

A group of Environmentalists is assumed responsible for this.

They don't agree w/the county allowing building on this land, so they're burning down houses! WTF?

Luckily, it was all unoccupied homes, but still. Now people who had a move-in date have to wait for the builder to re-start their homes. What if they have a set in stone move out date for where they're leaving?

It's the regular people that will lose in this, not the builder or the county. Sure, the builder will lose some, but mostly it's the little people.

You can disagree and fight the builders all you want, but leave these poor people alone. No one deserves to have their house burnt down or to live in fear that their house will be burnt down.

I hope they catch these jerks.

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