December 02, 2004

Sterling Autobody...

Ok - this place is located in Herndon, VA....I got my truck back last night - w/new window, new rear quarter panel and 2 new bumpers.
It was freshly washed and vacuummed...
It looked spectacular...even the wheel rims were detailed and squeaky clean.  I have to say, I was SURE they'd F-up my truck, but, voila, it seems perfect.  I must've searched every inch on the outside for a defect - nothing.  The only noticable thing is that the new quarter panel is so nice, the rest of the truck (even though it's only a year and a half old) looks old.  Hmmm...  Though it is hard adjusting back to life driving a huge SUV, it drives so much better than that rental SUV they gave me, I'm thrilled.  AND it was done 5 days earlier than promised, though giving long estimates may always be a tactic to make sure they dont' run late
And of course, all the items from my lunch time shopping spree at Tyson's fit in the huge cargo area in the back!
So to Sterling Autobody, I say "Thank you" for fixing what that stupid idiot driver did to me and my truck.

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