December 14, 2004

Perfect Woman? That's ME!

I like Steve...but he wrote a post today, with which I disagree (and I very rarely disagree w/Steve)... (though I did disagree with his post it was still damn funny and I do know some women like that, unfortunately)

FWIW, Michele also disagrees with Steve and thinks that the problem is not w/women, it's with the women Steve has dated...

I'll address them, in point (note, this is simply MY opinion / view on things, in relation to how I treat men / would like to be treated ) ...

1. "Women like being told what to do, and they actually resent it when you treat them like equals."

Um....not me. I do know some women like this. None of them are my friends.

2. "Women get really mad when you say, 'Women like being told what to do, and they actually resent it when you treat them like equals.'"

Totally true and accurate. Duh. See response to #1 above. I am a college educated female that supplies 1/2 our family income (yes, earning just as much as my husband) one tells me what to do or how to do it (except my mother ;-)

3. "Women expect us to give them stuff, and the more stuff you can give a woman, the more attractive and intelligent and handsome she will find you."

Partially true. I like for my husband to give me things. They don't have to be expensive (though that is nice too, but remember, the money comes out of our JOINT account) - but it is nice to know he's thinking of me. Sometimes it's a post-it note "luv u", sometimes he brings gifts, I'm happy either way. It has no bearing on how attractive, intelligent, or handsome I think he is or I tell him he is. We got married when we were both poor - which meant no big gifts at that point in time and I still said yes when he popped the question.

4. "There is no such thing as 'lending' a woman money. And here's a corollary: you are not permitted to say you are GIVING a woman money."

No way in hell do I ask anyone for money. I make my own damn money, If I don't have money for it, I probably don't need it. If I do need it, I'll find a way to get the money myself.

5. "No woman has ever forgiven any man for anything, since the dawn of time. And the things we're least likely to be forgiven for are the things THEY did or caused."

The man I chose has not ever done anything that warrants forgive-ness (I'm talking grand scale here, not stupid things like "broke something" etc.). I tend to not worry about little things... If you do a "grand scale" thing (like cheating on me), do not expect to be forgiven. Sorry.

6. "Women blame men for absolutely everything, including earthquakes and solar eclipses."

True, because all problems in my household are caused by the male ones. This is NOT opinion, it is fact.

7. "Only single women enjoy sex."

I don't think so.

8. "Virtually everything a woman says is a lie, a misconception, or a rationalization, even if she thinks it's true."

Ok, so.not.true. I do not lie, mainly because I don't lie well, but I don't do it. I also don't lie by ommission either.

9. "Women DO get themselves pregnant."

I don't think I would do the things Steve outlines here, but I can't say for certain because I have not been in the situation of being ready for a baby when the other half of the relationship is not ready as well. Part of that is the "smart enough to wait until my life situation is stable enough and going well enough to think about having kids". Generally, when you get to that point in your life, the guy is ready as well. But I leave this issue open.

10. "Women have absolutely NO respect for your privacy."

Once again, NOT true. I do not tell my girlfriends anything truly embarrassing about my husband. We do not share sex stories as if we were in a men's locker room. We do not compare. I do brag about what a wonderful hubby he is though, but that's about it.

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