December 14, 2004

Doing Good Things... much are you supposed to give at Christmas time?  I see TONS of things I would like to donate to:
- Toys For Tots
- Soldier's Angels
- Children's Hospital in D.C.
- the My Soldier program
I don't want to give away all our money, but I like helping others out.  So far this season, we have done 2 angel trees for needy kids, put money in the Salvation Army's bucket, and made a sly "donation" into the bank account of someone we know that is needy that would never take the money from us (they don't balance their checkbook either).  There are so many other charities I'd like to give to - they all do such important things.  Would it be better to give a little to each or a lot to only one or two?
A big dilemma.  Of course, I am thankful simply that I am able to give this Christmas season.

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Anonymous said...

Just give to who you feel/want to. It's not teh amount either. All those little donations add up when lost of people give.
Give what make syou happy.