December 07, 2004

speaking of Christmas music...

I was just reading Lileks' columns on Christmas music (which I ADORE, remember)...
"Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"...I actually used to like this song and even bought the album when I was little (which has the track "Percy the lonely Poinsetta")...until Son heard it on the radio and started asking too many questions..."GRANDMA gets run over???", "Why would Santa do that?" and having to explain to him why Santa was drunk and ran over Grandma is too much  - I turned it off!
I like the others he talks about, mostly the classics.  I can do without the new pop versions of the songs...I don't want to hear Jessica Simpson sing any Christmas music!  Though I do like some of the country slower Christmas songs (a la Alan Jackson, etc.)
I'm so strange!

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