December 02, 2004

Road Rage Cards!

This is a MUST for anyone that lives in the Northern Virginia area...if you have the balls to actually use them!

Road rage cards...even have the reverse so that people can read them in their rear-view mirrors (like they have on ambulances)...

courtesy of AMCGLTD...

I'll let you guys know the first time I see one of these in this area...
It goes without saying that no one would ever flash one of these at me...
  • I don't lane sit in the left lane and create a rolling road block
  • I drive well
  • I try not to chat on the phone while driving
  • I always wait my turn in such places as 4 way stops, yield areas, etc.
  • I don't speed match people passing me (because no one ever does ;-)
  • I don't litter
  • I DO NOT brake test people...That's just asking for trouble, I don't need another bitch rear-ending me, I get plenty of that recently without brake testing
  • I don't tailgate (unless you deserve it, see item 1)
  • I only blare music that others would like (like country music)
  • My car is not one people would suggest should goto the dump
  • I don't cut off people
  • I stay in my lane (see the point about talking on cell phone)
  • I always use my blinker - because I use it only when there's already space (instead of turning it on assuming someone will MAKE a space) when changing lanes
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