December 21, 2004

Holiday Show...

Ok...forgot to blog this one!
Last Friday, my son's preschool had their holiday show.  All three age classes (2, 3 and 4) were participating.  That's a lot of children.  Then probably about 2 parents each, plus grandparents for each child, and the church sanctuary filled up fast.
Son looked ADORABLE.  We didn't know they were the angel class, complete w/white gowns and halos.  So cute!  And the singing.  All the kids were adorable too - each looking to see if they could find their parents and hoping their parents were watching them.
It is funny - the children were amazingly well behaved - the adults acted like big babies.
I understand parents want pics of their kid in the show - I wanted some myself!   I went ONCE into the aisle to get a quick close up of my son and sat right back in my seat, not to venture into the aisle again.  I did notice parents planting themselves in the aisle - so some parents never got to get in the aisle for a good pic.  That is not fair at all - just take a pic or two then sit down and WATCH the darn show.
Then their were plenty of people videotaping...which is fine.  It would be nice if people would notice that before they weasel their way directly in front of someone video taping and promptly plant roots. 
There were various people throughout that stood for long periods of time - very rude.  There were parents that thought waving the program at little Susie would get her attention...except a 3 year old isn't going to recognize YOUR ARM waving a white piece of paper...but of course, all the other children will :-)
THEN - I was not one of the people that stood for long periods of time - I stood up maybe 5 times to quickly snap a shot - and the last 2 times of those I had moved to the far right of my row since there were less people on the far right of the pew behind me and they were all mostly looking more to the left.  The OBNOXIOUS Grandmother behind me (who had earlier said AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED, SARA IS THE ONLY CHILD UP THERE - nice attitude lady) was pointedly (at me) saying how she'd say something rude about people that stand up if she wasn't in church.  Ugh...luckily, I don't say rude things to people (like her) while actually standing in a church, so I just winked at her.  -

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Anonymous said...

Some people just don't care about anyone but themselves.

Glad you got the card. :)