December 29, 2004

Ok - Attention Drivers...

Remember...the left lane is the FAST lane...this especially applies if the left lane is an HOV lane - there were at least 5 different drivers in the HOV lane / left lane of the Toll Road this morning (only 10 miles long) going SLOWER than the flow of traffic in the other three lanes (and also less than the posted speed limit).  I'd like these 5 drivers to know that you CAN drive in the regular lanes (and even the right-most lane) if you're going to drive that gosh darn slow!  Also - feel free to drive in the more congested lanes if you prefer that speed, do NOT slow down the HOV lane to your personal preference speed of ~45 mph.
For Northern VA drivers only: Rt 606 aka Old Ox Road - the speed limit on this road between Rt. 50 and the Greenway is 55 MPH.  55.  Not 40.  Do not be offended if, when and if you ever look in your rearview mirror, you see me appearing quite frustrated, trying to hint that you should at least go the speed limit on this road.  I wouldn't make an announcement, except I run into drivers like this EVERY GOSH DARN DAY on my way to and from work. 
That is all.

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