December 07, 2004


no intruder.  don't know what triggered alarms.
Hubby has been tasked with
a. buying more motion sensors
b. buying more locks
c. buying remote monitoring camera system.


Anita said...

Do you have pets?

Our cat set off our alarm despite the fact that it is 3 feet above the floor. We think she jumped up to inspect some built-in shelves and set off the motion detector. As the indoor alarm is right by those shelves, we suspect it was quite a surprise to her!

The alarm folks told us (we have friends whose motion detector goes off A LOT!) that 1) if it's just the motion detector that 2) you can specify that the alarm doesn't go off unless there is ALSO another hit from the system (another motion, door or window opening, crash, etc).

Scary as crap though, eh!?!?! Glad nothing happened!

girl from florida said...

This is so gross, but it could be a roach. Growing up, I lived on a farm, and we had quite the roach problem. They would sometimes trigger the alarm by crawling out the doors. We EVENTUALLY killed them all, but to this day, I will scream like a crazy girl and jump on a chair if I see a roach. They just really freak me out.