December 21, 2004

Mall update...

Ok... if you're working at a jewelry store in Tysons Mall and I come in I expect someone to approach me to show me things.  Especially if
1.  I am the only customer in the store
2.  I HINT that I am ready by standing at the jewelry case and looking right at you for more than 1 minute
This happened at TWO jewelry stores today: Swarovski and Zales in the mall.  I promptly when to Helzberg Diamonds and spent $100 more than I was planning out of spite.
Now I know why there were no other customers in those stores.

1 comment:

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

What this shows is either:

a) the lack of available good help (a/k/a good economy)
b) the lack of a worker pool that knows anything about common decency and 'how to do a job'
c) Combination of a & b