December 01, 2004

Stupid People...

Ok...we have a parking garage here at work and you need either a fob or a passcode to enter.

The guy in front of me today wants to use a passcode.

He is entering it when I pull behind him in line.

He enters it 5 more times.

I figure that it's not going to work for him and try to back up. I can only move 5 feet because someone has pulled in behind me.

He enters it 10 more times.

Garage attendant tells him he needs to back up and get out of line.

Motions to me to back up.


I back up as far as possible, which is not far enough, but the NUMBSKULL behind me is oblivious or just not moving.

So the poor guy in front of me has to do a 1,000 point turn to get out....

Guy In Front Of Me: stupid for trying like 30 times to do it. Every minute he wasted, more people pulled in tightly behind us. Also note - he had license plates that indicated he was a CPA!

Guy In Back Of Me: super dumb- he's not getting in until this dorkster gets out of our way!

Ugh...some people.

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