December 16, 2004

A Limit On Stamps???

I went down to the "convienence" store in our building yesterday to buy stamps.  I had $9.  The store is a little Mom&Pop store, not a chain.
Me: Can I have $9 worth of stamps, please.
Lady: Only 10.
Me: ? I'm sorry?  I'd like $9 worth please
Lady: The limit is 10.
Me:  Per day?
Lady: Yes.
So - even though she had a TON of stamps, she'd only give me 10.  So now, she sits w/her inventory of stamps and I with my stack of stamp-less Christmas cards.  WTF?  I could see, maybe, if she was almost out.  But, darn, isn't she in business to SELL things?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What the hell? That makes no sense what so ever. Is it 10 per visit if so, go back until you have $9 worth and piss her