December 09, 2004

Oh Christmas Tree...

Last night, hubby and son and I, along w/my brother and his new wife put up a tree at my Mom's house for her.  It was kind of fun, actually, to do that with my brother again - we haven't done a tree together since probably 1995, the last year I lived at my parents' house.  We went through all the ornaments, some of them dating back to 1972 and some handmade for my parents by me and my brother through our school years.
I showed some ornaments to my son that I thought he'd like - the race car ones (my Dad and my brother were / are BIG Earnhardt SR and JR fans), the ones Mommy made when she was little, the ones that have Mickey, or Snoopy, etc.  We also put the bubble lights on the tree!  It's funny that something for so many years considered "white trashy" is now sold at Nordstrom, in a 1950's-ish box!  For a lot of money!  Ours were bought at wal-mart, like 30 years ago!  Probably for under $2 a box maybe?

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girl from florida said...

Wow! The lights still work, after 30 years? I don't even know what bubble lights are :) I assume they are round, bubble looking lights.