December 16, 2004


Ok...the scoop!
Drive thru at McDonalds, where I order a happy meal, cheesburger, ketchup only and a diet coke...
FAST service! Yay!

I asked for a handful of ketchup (yes, a handful) lady hands me 2.  I know better than to ask again, because she'll give me ONE.
Drive on - at end of drive thru is a SAUCE TRAY!  A bunch of bins of dipping sauce, ketchup, salt and pepper - all serve yourself at window-level!  YAY....
Bad news: cheeseburger made w/PICKLES only. Yuck.  Should've known by the USE FIRST sticker on the outside of wrapper, which also explains it's not so hot temperature.


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Up in PA/NJ/NJ, pickles on McD cheeseburgers are routine. In nearly everywhere in the country except NYC, mustard is a de facto standard on their burgers (at least in my travels).

I dislike them myself, but instead of waiting on a grill order, I usually pick them off.

Anonymous said...

I love the pickles. I take them off and eat them. They are all warm and mushy. Love them. :)


girl from florida said...

ewww, that just sounds awful. A lukewarm burger.

But I love the pickles! I will actually ask for extra pickles and onions on mine, yum!